2018 Favourites– Beauty, Lifestyle and Skincare!

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks blog post where I am going to talk you through all my current lifestyle, beauty and skincare faves.

I haven’t done one of these in a fair while, I talk a teeny bit on instagram (@notjustaprettyfaceblog_) about the products that I currently use, but don’t generally like to babble on about pros and cons and ingredients and clog up your insta stories or feed!

So here they are.. in no particular order!

MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation:

Now this has been a cult favourite for god knows how many years, but as an oily skin gal I’ve always stayed all the way away from it as it is known for its glowy and hydrating goodness and considering my face already looks like you can fry an egg on it after a few hours it was always in my nature to not add anymore glow to the “glow” (if you can call it that) that already naturally occurs on my face.

But as someone who loves a natural finish, sheer coverage foundation it ticked all the other boxes for me, so I finally bit the bullet and got colour matched at my local MAC store (she literally put it on my face and I was like HELL YEAH I’m taking it, even though she profusely warned me it is not a great match for an oily skin)

and guess what? I LOVE IT. It is everything I could wish for in a foundation, its glowy, it looks like skin, it doesn’t sit on top of my skin or cling to anywhere. It makes me look fresh and awake without looking like I’m wearing makeup.

I will warn you however that this foundation has the bare minimum amount of coverage (which is something I personally enjoy) so if you are wanting to cover up blemishes or scars this may not be the one for you. Personally I love an easy fresh base and going heavy on the eyes and lips so this is perfect for me.

It can be applied using your fingers (which I have never done with a foundation previously but have just realised how much I love the finish when its been blended in with the warmth of my fingers), with a sponge or with a brush. I love using either a brush or my fingers as you can still get coverage from it in these ways.


Cosmedix Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum:

Now this is one expensive eye serum I’m not gonna lie, but working in the beauty industry has to have some perks right?

The Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum is the prettiest darn eye serum you’ve ever seen, it’s out here looking like unicorn tears/mermaid scales of your instagram dreams, not only that but it is incredibly hydrating on the undereye.

  • Contains Spin-Trap & Alpha-Lipoic Acid to combat harmful free radicals
  • Loaded with Liquid Crystals to provide deep, lasting hydration

I’m a very expressive person, so I already have a fair amount of fine lines around my eyes (from my impressive story telling and jamming out in the car all emosh like) so my biggest concern with my skin is making sure my undereyes stay hydrated and plump to help to make sure it doesnt get worse and worse.

It claims to be a hydrating and rejuvinating eye treatment and I would have to agree with them there. It has helped plump up my undereyes and I do feel as though it has helped to reduce the appearance of the very outer crows feet of my eye as well as stopping my concealer from creasing in the small lines right under my eye.

I use it morning and night, although some people may enjoy a thinner formula for during the day as it is quite a thick balmy texture.

I know, I know, you are probably thinking, Hayley you are 22 for gods sake you dont need a damn eye cream but let me tell you people of the internet (and my family and friends reading this) it is never to early to be using an eyecream. Prevention is KEY!

John Frieda Haircare Frizz Ease Air-Dry Waves Foam:

Anyone with curly hair can relate to never knowing how your curls turn out after washing your hair from day to day. Some days they dry naturally and look amazing, some days they look limp and straight, or frizzy and it’s hard to keep up.

Ever since cutting my hair short, I’ve struggled with the way my curls look, I’ve lost them a little as the definition isnt quite there and they always looked a little bit limp and oily.

I seen Alice Catherine on instagram use a Air Drying Curls product and instantly wanted to get my hands on one, she has slightly shorter hair than me and her curls always look fantatsic.

So I went to Farmers on a hunt for a air dry foam, and having never used hair products except for shampoo and conditioner this was a big thing for me.

I found the John Frieda one and because it was fairly cheap I decided on a whim to test it out and I’ve been loving it!

It comes in a foam which you pump out onto your hand, (I use about two pumps for my just above the shoulder length hair) and scrunch up the ends of my hair to give me more defined curls, i scrunch for a fair amount of time, probably abut 1-2 minutes when I first put it in and it has been towel dried roughly and then as it drys I give it a scrunch every now and then to keep my curls bouncy.

It makes my hair super smooth and shiny, as well as giving me more defined curls. Definitely enjoying this one.

The Perfectionism Project Podcast by Sam Laura Brown:

I have shown me listening to Sam Laura Brown and her podcast on my instagram stories fairly regularly and have also talked about it in my blog post about Podcasts I’ve Been Loving, but I thought I would mention her again because she truly is such an inspiration. 

I love listening to her podcasts in the morning to get myself prepped and in the right mindset for the day and also throughout the day, while doing dishes, at the gym, anywhere where I want to get a boost of inspiraton and information. 

I’ve been really getting into personal growth lately, and realising how much mindset accounts for our achievements and successes, listening every morning to a gal just like me who went through a huge amount of struggle and self doubt to get to where she is now is hugely relateable to me, and I’m sure to other people, not just in the blogging world.

One day I would really like to do one of her online courses, but for now her podcast has helped me realise how much I procrastinate not because I dont have time but because I’m scared of what other people think (especially with blogging) and I’ve been working through that, as well as work things like being afraid of failure and how to get past that as well.

If you want to know some of my favourite episodes, check out the blog post linked above where I chat about them.


Skirt and Pants from Kmart:

This is a very very random favourite but honestly have been my fave pieces of clothing since I brought them.

As a tiny human (I’m 4 ft 11 or something stupid) I really struggle to find the flowy wide leg pants and midi skirts that are in style at the moment that look good on me.

BUT I went into Kmart the other day and low and behold did they have some cheap on trend fashion pieces, and ones that hit spot for a short gal like me.

These wide leg striped pants were $17! They hit me right above the ankle, which is pretty much impossible when it comes to me, and they are slim enough that they flatter my leg, but wide enough that they still have that wide leg pant style going on. They are flowy and comfortable as they also have an elasticated waistband and came in heaps of different patterns which is also a bit of fun!

This linen skirt was also a steal at $20!

I love the millenial pink colour of this skirt and the fact that it is linen means it is perfect for summer and spring. Again, midi length never works very well on me but this hits me right at the bottom half of my calf which is very flattering, the wrap around detail is also falttering as it gives you a teeny bit of a slit to show off ya legs.

I like to pair them with boyish boxy crop tees, or long sleeve tops that are fairly tight tucked in, but it is super easy to style these dressed up or dressed down with changing the accesories and shoes!

Kindle E Reader: 

I was never a kindle girl.

Ask anyone who knows me personally how against kindles I was for so many years. 

But I purchased one before I went to Europe because I knew I wasnt going to be able to bring hard copy books with me because they weighed too much, but also knew I was going to be spending a lot of time waiting, in airports, in buses, and especially on planes. 

Cue buying the kindle and changing my reading life. 

It is so easy to read on a kindle, it makes reading in bed before going to sleep a breeze as you dont have to keep turning over every damn time you change pages, or give yourself neck cramp trying to stay in one postion but read both pages, or getting dead arms from holding up a 200+ page book. 

You can also download as many books as you like and take them everywhere you go. This is an absolute miracle for the girl who took at least 2-3 books with her whenever her family went on holiday just in case she finished the others too quickly. 

Everyone reading this has probably already known these things for a really long time but it has been an absolute pleasure to own a kindle. 

Although I do miss reading hard copy books and will go back to them, the kindle now has a special place in my adventuring heart that I can take my favourite characters and places and worlds away with me where ever i go.

My favourite books I have downloaded are:

Obviously the Harry Potter books, I mean c’mon I can take a 7 book series with me wherever I go, and revisit Hogwarts whenever I want. How cool is that?!

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, I thoroughly enjoyed this book while I was away in Europe, such a quick easy read with a lot of heartfelt moments throughout.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, quick easy YA read to get you out of a reading slump, and getcha thinking a little bit as well. I watched the movie on my flight to London and the movie was done awesomely as well.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my 2018 favourites, and they have inspired you to try out some new things.

Let me know what your current favourites are down below, I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love,

Hayley x

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