A Guided Tour– A Collab with A Little Ray Of Em.

Hey everyone,
Hope you are liking the new layout of the blog and are finding it easier to navigate. There are a final few touches I would like to make to it, but I need a day like a weekend where I can really nut it out, so in the meantime the blog posts will still be coming!

This weeks blog post is a collab with one of the sweetest Instagram friends I have made, Emily from the blog A Little Ray of Em. We thought that it would be cool to give each other (and you guys) a little guide of the places we live and our fave spots that we like to hang out so we can get to know each a bit better.I have truly loved getting to know Em through social media even though we don’t get to chat as easily and as often as we would like, I still consider a very good friend. She’s a burst of positivity on my Instagram feed and I hope you enjoy her content as much as I do!

Duck Island Ice Cream:

This is my absolute #1 place to go in Hamilton, it is a quirky, pretty and oh so yummy ice cream shop with so many amazing ice cream flavours made from organic milk, and the freshest, seasonal and best quality ingredients they can find!
They have 40 rotating flavours and offer vegan, dairy free as well as gluten-free and allergy friendly options!

Because I know you are all so curious I’ll list some of my favourite flavours:

  • Rocket Coffee
  • Strawberry, coconut and kaffir lime (My absolute fave, I will forever get this flavour no matter what other ones I get)
  • Toasted Marshmellow (This one is absolutely delicious and is literally the texture of melted marshmellow, crazy!)
  • Strawberry condensed milk
  • Fairy Bread

I’m a real sweet tooth, so as you can tell I only get the terribly sweet flavours but you can check out all 40 flavours online at http://www.duckislandicecream.co.nz, where you can also find stockists to try it for yourself!


Raglan is my favourite little beach town about 40 minutes away from Hamilton and it’s  the chillest, funkiest, boho vibe place where anyone is welcome and the locals are incredibly friendly.
As I have mentioned it is quite tiny, so there isn’t much to do there except surf, tan, read and repeat. (There are some really nice food places as well, including the best fish and chips ever!)

The beach at Raglan at sunset is my happy place and my partner and I often have picnics out there in the summertime, it is a black sand beach but oh, so beautiful. The peaceful feeling you get when you are watching the sun set over the waves and you’re listening to the ocean crash is my favourite feeling in the world.




Wairere Falls:
3734D1ED-A5A1-4027-B24B-9F94038802AAWairere Falls is a waterfall (obviously..) that is just over an hour out of Hamilton, but well worth making the trek too.
You can either walk an hour and a half up to the lookout where you can see the stunning waterfall in all its 153m of glory (this makes it the highest waterfall in the North Island) or you can climb all the way up to the top of said waterfall for an extra 30-45mins of burning buns and thighs and experience the insane views over the Waikato plains.

Along the way you cross a few bridges and get a few glimpses of the falls making their way down to the bottom, if it is the height of summer– make sure you bring some swim wear, cos you will want to jump in. (Warning: it is freeeeeeezing, but oh so good for the gram)



Hamilton Gardens:

Hamilton Gardens is a public gardens located in the city centre, boasting 23 gardens ranging from Italian Renaissance Gardens to Tropical Gardens, Japanese Gardens to Herb Gardens to go look at. You could spend hours there walking to and from all the different gardens.

Hamilton Gardens is also passionate about the environment by using sustainable practises such as

  • Supporting the conservation of wildlife through planting, habitat protection and predator control
  • Recycling glass, paper, tin, aluminium, food waste, office supplies and garden compost and making our own mulch on-site.
  • Improving energy efficiency through monitoring, insulation and energy-efficient technologies

I love walking around all the different gardens during all the different seasons, cos no matter what time of the year you go, the gardens look different.
Summer and Spring are a great time to have a picnic and an afternoon hang out in the sun with some friends, and Autumn and Winter are great times to see all the flowers and trees that bloom in those winter months, or even just a motivator to get you out of the house and on a quick walk.
Sometimes the Gardens will have events going on as well such as Gourmet in the Gardens in the Summertime where loads of local food trucks of all different food styles, snack bars and coffee caravans congregate in one place for your eating pleasure.


Winner Winner:

Winner, Winner is a restaurant in Hamilton that specialises in fried chicken, (hence the name, winner winner chicken dinner) but personally I love the vegetarian/vegan food they have to offer. 
An all time favourite for me would be ‘The Vegan’ Burger– which has pulled jackfruit (you could seriously mistake this for pulled beef or chicken it’s crazy!), tobacco onions, slaw and vegan mayo.
Another absolute winner (ha! see what I did there) would be the Mac and Cheese Balls with a Twistie Crumb– anyone who lives in NZ knows twisties and how good they would be as a crust over a cheesy, warm ball of macaroni goodness!



Hope you all enjoyed my guided tour! Make sure to go check out Em’s guided tour over on her blog A Little Ray of Em to see where she would take me around England! Also make sure to follow her Instagram and blog! She produces amazing content!
Until next time,
Love Hayley.

One thought on “A Guided Tour– A Collab with A Little Ray Of Em.

  1. Such a fabulous blog post Hayley, the photos are incredible (with stunning views and you look gorgeous gal) and it was so interesting reading all about the places we’d visit if I were to visit you over in New Zealand! I’ve absolutely loved doing this collab and feel like I’ve gained a lovely friend in you. Thankyou for being wonderful!! x

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