New Zealand Bloggers That Are Killing The Game

Here are some of my favourite New Zealand bloggers who deserve recognition for the amazing content they produce

Hi everyone,

For this weeks blog post I thought I would shout out some of my fave New Zealand bloggers and Instagrammers who I believe are killing it and need some recongnition.
All of these lovely ladies are actually the ones who inspired me to create Not Just a Pretty Face, and have been around to answer the many many questions I have about being a blogger and how the heck to create content that people want to see.

Ruby Fearless:

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.22.03 pm
Ruby Fearless is a lifestyle blog written by Christine Stucki. Christine writes about fashion, beauty bits and bobs as well as the deep and meaningful life posts. As said by Christine herself;

“Ruby Fearless is for modern women that are looking for the knowledge and motivation they need to achieve anything with confidence”

I first found Ruby Fearless on instagram, where her photos were aesthetically pleasing and her captions were humourous and relatable, this (in my humble opinion) is what makes a great influencer/blogger and something I’ve been trying to implement into my own posts.

I started reading her blog after I found her through instagram and her content is something I could get on with, from here I actually reached out to her about starting this blog and any tips/tricks she had for me to get myself started and she was incredibly accommodating and lovely enough to answer all my incessant questions.

If you want beauty, fashion and life tips from a typical kiwi gal, Ruby Fearless is where you need to go. She’s sassy, funny, smart and likable and I would highly recommend her blog posts!

(She also has a side business called Lucky Girl Tees where she sells a mystery shirt bi-monthly through her website, this is an exciting way of shopping as the tees are all limited edition and only enough get made for the people who order them, so you are either in our out, you don’t get another chance to buy the shirt once they are sold out! For more info go to, check it out and get amongst)


Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.19.44 pm


Kasia Stanicich

Kasia is my go-to for any makeup/beauty related content, she gives honest and very thorough reviews on her insta-stories which I love (she’ll even give you extreme close-ups of how foundations and things sit on her skin, what other beauty blogger do ya know who does that?!)

 She always has a cheerful attitude and is willing to give her honest opinion on a product, something that is always needed in this industry. She’s based in Christchurch so if you are from there, get in touch for balls, weddings and special occasion makeup.. shots of which you can see on her instagram. 

Her blog is an interesting mix of beauty related reviews and new-in products and personal touches of her life. She’s such an eloquent writer, you can almost hear her saying what she’s written down and the sarcastic, cheeky little comments she throws in there for fun just add to the overall good vibe of her blog.

 (I also love her personal instagram, where she shares not just beauty, but other things she’s loving and a more in-depth look at her life, friends and family) 



Mad Love Blog
Mad Love is a blog run by Maddy Paget. 

Her blog focuses on beauty and fashion and lifestyle tips and tricks as well as a few personal anecdotes thrown in. 
I love her honest and reliable opinion on all things beauty as well as being able to get a glimpse into her life (she’s recently been to America and the wanderlust she’s giving me is unreal) 

She does a lot of makeup related content, ranging from natural everyday to bold colourful looks which is really inspiring to help get me out of my brown smokey eye natural skin everyday look. 

She focuses a lot on New Zealand brands which is really cool to see, and creates content in a way that is really engaging. 
I have been following her for a fair while and she has always been super super helpful when I have reached out and asked her questions about being a blogger. 
I love her instagram content and how real and candid she is about how she is feeling on any certain day that she posts on instagram. 

Her personal heart-to-heart blog posts are some of my favourites and makes you feel like you are sitting in a room chatting with your best friend about life. 

She is doing so well for herself and it’s been so amazing to follow her journey and see her create content for huge brands.


The Residents – Lucy Revill 
The Residents blog started solely talking about the creatives and people who are doing amazing things around Wellington. This is still the heart of the blog but now it has grown to talk about beauty, ethical fashion, food places and Lucy is planning on taking The Residents nationwide (something I’m very excited about!) 

I love watching Lucy’s instagram stories, she is very real and shows her day-to-day life struggles and all. She’s recently been getting into fitness and gets up at god knows what hour to work out, something that has been inspiring me to get my butt back to the gym. 

I love hearing Lucy’s beauty recs and have got a lot of things on my “makeup/skincare to buy in Europe” list from her recommendations. I also love her youtube channel where she talks a little more in-depth about her beauty loves. 

I have been hugely inspired for my own blog by The Residents, Lucy is so consistent, puts out amazing content and is more than willing to answer all of my blogging questions. 
Her instagram as well as blog content are always stunning and eloquently written, and she has some amazing opportunities working with brands as well.



Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and go check out these glorious New Zealand ladies absolutely killing it and inspiring girls all over the world. If I could recommend anything, it would be to follow these gals, you won’t regret it!

Lots of love, 
Hayley x


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